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Thickness Drum Sander

Woodworkers! Build your own 22" Thickness Drum Sander and save hundreds.
Note: We have suspended selling these plans until further notice.
Have you ever wondered what you will ever build from those accumulated junk parts around your shop? Our plans guide you step-by-step in building a 22" wide thickness sander from common materials. If you have an old 1-horse motor lying around, then the whole sander can be built for $100 or even less, saving you hundreds over the cost of a commercial unit. The sander is constructed mostly of wooden parts -- 2x4s and 3/4" plywood -- so the only skills you need are your basic woodworking skills; no elaborate or difficult metalwork or machining is needed. Despite its low cost and ease of construction, the sander is very precise and can even be used to sand paper-thin wood veneers.

The Moritz Designs test model sander (pictured at right) has been used almost daily for 10 (now 20!) years, and is still as precise as the day it was built.

Note that this sander is a hand-feed unit. Although our plans do not specify how to build an autofeed unit, we are certain that a commercial autofeeder could be adapted easily. We plan to try commercial autofeeders or design an easy-to-build one as time allows so that we can either recommend a good one or include it in our plans.

Sander Tips and Tricks

A thickness sander is possibly the most useful woodworking tool you can have, if you know how to use it correctly. Here are a few tips on using them, and also a few things that are just fun to do with them. Back to Moritz Designs Home